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Environmental Programs Sales Manager

Houston, TX US

XOTMARMOR is a revolutionary process combining XO Armor safety and security film with our chemical solution XO Bond (patent pending). This unique process penetrates glass and forms a permanent, molecular bond between glass and XOTM ARMOR film transforming the glass into a super-strong protective shield against bullets and debris without compromising the optical clarity of the glass.

We have the only known technology that allows applying multiple layers of film to the glass in the field resulting in added strength and performance.

Position Overview: 

This person will have a working knowledge of USGBC LEED (esp. EB), DOE ENERGY STAR, and other energy and climate initiatives.  Your knowledge of these programs and efforts must be sufficiently deep that you can see across the broader regulatory language where solar control window film fits and can be leveraged.

In addition, existing relationships with ESCOs will jump-start your sales as you position XO ARMOR solar control window films as a technology for advancement by ESCOs.

Contact Information:
Mark Carlson
520-568-8070 (phone)
520-568-8071 (fax)

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